Who Am I

Diana – 20
Loves mythology, archeology and languages
Atheist – Nihilist on a bad day
Ice cream lover – Fussy eater
Finds it hard to find fitting jeans – Considers only wearing dresses and skirts now
Donkey defender
Hates phone calls
Would rather stay in and watch a quiz show, a cooking show or some trash tv
Believes that the kindness of strangers saves lives
Milk is a saviour people need to stop saying it’s bad for you!!
Gets into a new sport (watching, not doing come on) every year, learns everything about it, watches it obsessively, then abandons it and moves on
Reads YA & Classics – Occasionally books for adults. But mostly not.
That person on the train that stares out of the window
Thinks 13 is a lovely number – Only beaten by 3
Wears her cutest outfits in autumn – Loves oversized coats
Falls in love with ideas – People: less common
Can’t believe dinosaurs were actually real – Believes this planet to be pretty cool
In awe of the stars & nature – Terrified of wasps
Loves the quiet of an early morning
Likes her men like she likes her phone, smart & naked (the phone always, the men occasionally)
Hates going to the beach & having sand everywhere
Thinks Keira Knightley is gorgeous
Writes horrible poems
Likes a lot of music but Taylor Swift’s been there for a while
Used to hate german – Now believes everything about it is absolutely genius
Occasionally writes letters she never sends
Is a walking oxymoron
Hates getting her picture taken – Ruins everyone’s vacation with it
Film & cinema aficionado
Randomly walks around the city
Cries watching movies, listening to music and reading books – Or sometimes without a reason
Has been a competitive gymnast in her childhood – Now struggles doing a single push up
Is really good at memorizing metro maps
Loves clothes that are difficult to iron
Has a driver’s license but never wants to drive again – Lover of public transport

Thinks you’re lovely