Who Am I

Diana – 19
Home in Switzerland – Roots in Iran & Poland
Loves mythology, archeology and linguistics
Atheist – Nihilist on a bad day
Ice cream Lover – Fussy eater
Finds it hard to find fitting jeans – Considers only wearing dresses and skirts now
Donkey defender
Hates phone calls
Would rather stay in and watch a quiz show, a cooking show or some good ol‘ trash tv
Believes that the kindness of strangers saves lives
Might found the Church of Milk (this is soon to be copyrighted, don’t even try)
Gets into a new sport (watching, not doing come on) every year, learns everything about it, watches it obsessively, then abandons it and moves on
Reads YA & Classics – Occasionally books for adults. But mostly not.
That person on the train that stares out of the window
Thinks 13 is a lovely number – Only beaten by 3
Wears her cutest outfits in autumn – Loves oversized coats
Falls in love with ideas – People: less common
Can’t believe dinosaurs were actually real – Believes this planet to be pretty cool
In awe of the stars & nature – Terrified of wasps
Likes her men like she likes her phone, smart & naked (the phone always, the men occasionally)
Hates going to the beach & having sand everywhere
Thinks Keira Knightley is gorgeous
Writes horrible poems
Likes a lot of music but has been obsessed with Taylor Swift for some time (5 years)
Used to hate german – Now believes everything about it is genius
Occasionally writes letters she never sends
Hates getting her picture taken – Ruins everyone’s vacation with it
Film & cinema aficionado
Randomly walks around the city
Cries watching movies, listening to music and reading books – Or sometimes without a reason
Has been a competitive gymnast in her childhood – Now struggles doing a single push up
Is really good at memorizing metro maps
Loves clothes that are difficult to iron
Has a driver’s license but never wants to drive again – Lover of public transport

Thinks you’re lovely