Minimalism: Lifestyle vs. Style

If you tell someone you’re a minimalist, they will most likely think that this is how your closet looks like and the rest of your living space too. Now, that can be how a minimalist lives and dresses but it doesn’t have to be. The confusion of minimalist lifestyle and style is what created most of these clichées about minimalists.

Both of these concepts are related, both strive to simplify and eliminate the unneccessary, and yet they are quiet different. I would say that minimalism be it in art, fashion or architecture has strict rules, or maybe not that strict rules, but there are rules. The fashion style has to be slick and clean, without any chichi and without much colour or patterns, since they don’t really have a use (except for maybe originally the army print). You can’t wear a shirt with a leo print and ruffles and call it minimalist. But you can wear it and still be a minimalist.

The wonderful thing about minimalism as a lifestyle is that it really can be and is for everyone since there are no rules. As far as I’m concerned, there are as many forms of minimalism as there are minimalists. You can love colourful clothes, you can be a collector of things, you can have knick-knack all around the house, you can have yellow walls and green furniture – you can have all of that and still be a minimalist, IF all those things bring you joy and don’t ever make you feel overwhelmed. You can take minimalism and make it your own.

In a perfect (and maybe a little boring) world every minimalist would also adopt a minimalist style. I mean that would make perfect sense, wouldn’t it? But this world is chaotic and it doesn’t always make sense. In this world you can wear all the ruffles and sequins and prints (and mix them) and still be a minimalist. Or you don’t. Maybe one day, you do feel like going for that black and white, sleek as hell look. And maybe that one day is also every day. Anyhow, how fun with it. No one ever said minimalism had to be boring!


3 thoughts on “Minimalism: Lifestyle vs. Style

  1. Such an insightful statement: “You can’t wear a shirt with a leo print and ruffles and call it minimalist. But you can wear it and still be a minimalist.”

    As I transition into a minimalist mindset, I need to write this down on a post-it and put it on my bathroom mirror. When I look around my current house, I hardly see minimalism in play. However, as we get ready to build and move into a Tiny Home, I find myself being much more introspective about what is truly important out of my belongings.

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    • I’m so glad you liked it and wish you all the best on your journey! Remember that however you choose your minimalism to be, it’s valid. It’s gotta work for you.


  2. I think this is a very important article when it comes to the discussion of minimalism. A lot of people think that minimalism only looks like one thing and it’s not. I love wearing colors, but I’m working on becoming a minimalist. If I didn’t have color in my wardrobe, it would make me more sad than satisfied. Thanks for the blog post and thanks for the love on my blog as well. Let me know if you would like me to write on anything specific and I look forward to reading more of your posts!


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