I’m Leaving – But I’ll Be Back: Short Holiday Update

Hey everyone! By the time you’re reading this I’ll just have left for my holiday. I’m someone who really enjoys to be not available once in a while so I’m not taking my laptop with me, my phone I’ll have but I don’t know how often I’ll check up on you guys.

I really wanted to keep my usual posting schedule but somehow these last few days and weeks have been busier and more exhausting than I thought, with exams, finishing up papers, driving lessons and whatnot. I’ve been reading a lot lately, too, but just didn’t feel like preparing posts, yikes. Anyhow, I had to remind myself that this shouldn’t be something that I have to force myself doing, so I won’t. I do enjoy blogging, no worries, I just didn’t have the energy to prepare posts for two and a half weeks in advance, I rather like taking it week by week. So, there will be a review on each sunday still but no other posts. There will also be no June wrap-up , as I can’t really prepare and schedule that one beforehand.
As I said, if I have wifi and feel like it I might check in in the evenings but otherwise it might take me a bit longer to reply to your comments and look through your posts, but I’ll get there eventually.

I hope everyone who’s on vacation too enjoys their time and everyone else is hopefully having a good time, too!


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